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Celebrating our Second Anniversary!

Celebrating 2 years! Our Second Anniversary and we have many milestones, stories and more things to talk about!




We are excited to be celebrating our second Anniversary today! 2 Years ago we officially registered as a company and have experienced amazing success within an industry that is small and still growing!

What have we achieved so far?

In our First year our focus was more entertainment oriented, We produced a lot of entertainment content that we showcased at many public platforms, functions and presentations, you can read more on our first anniversary and our achievements on the link below:



Kakic Universe First Anniversary

5 September 2018! Celebrating the start up of Kakic Universe from our very first production, The Life and Time of Choice Zvenhamo to the Latest Productions and shows. Within a year we have had amazing growth, expaning the team and personel, acquiring important contacts and partners. Setting a foundation for the future! Our Goal for the first year was to set a foundation, and we have managed to do so!

What Did we do in the Second Year?

We decided to focus more on our business side in the second year, reaching more clients, creating more content for social media marketing, promotional campaigns and advertising. Check out our Business Social Media Accounts (@kakicbusiness) to check out the work we did for our clients,Below is an image with all of our clients:


Kakic Universe Business Clients

Even though we were Business Oriented for our second year, we did engage the public with our entertainment content,

We succesfully exhibited at COMEXPOSED CONVERGE 2018, and hosted a popular voice over challenge which the crowd absolutely loved! Check it out below: 

Comexposed Thumbnail

KAKIC UNIVERSE At Comexposed Converge 2018

3 October was Comexposed Converge 2018 and Kakic Universe was a part of it! What is Comexposed? According to their website: “Comexposed Enables you to Discover African art. It is an industry hub, where media & entertainment artists can keep up with each other and find new inspiration every day and where publishers have the opportunity to get their works in the hands of their fans. Kakic Universe was showcasing videos, current work and we brought in a new feature! Free Voice Overs!We released our new video “Knock Out”, A boxing match video about the epic fight between Gwinya Gwinya and Madanga! And Instead of having one of us do the voice over like we usually do for our videos, We got the audience to come and do the voice over for free!

And recently we had our Official Launch! We properly launched our brand, explained our vision and more! Read about the Kakic Universe Official Launch below:



Everything needs an official beginning, this is the story of ours! Ladies and Gentlemen on the 1st of June 2019, KAKIC UNIVERSE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!

And today we officially launch our website! Feel free to go through our blog/news page to see all of our achievements, updates and stories from the beginning to date. Visit our Productions page to see our videos, artwork and more, 

Learn more about us, our history, our team members, our creative partners, our contact details on the About Us page.

A Business Page is on its way so you can know more about our business services, but for any inquiries contact us with this email address:


So go on! Explore the Website and check our content out!

What Happened to Untouchable & Choice?

If you’ve gone through our website and posts, or if you are a loyal follower of our work and content, then you should be familiar or have seen mention of Untouchable The Super Christian and The Life and Time of Choice Zvenhamo (which features Jah Kaylite and others).  These titles were our first set of productions, but where are they and what happened to them?


Untouchable the Super Christian

The Story of Tinashe Madzivanyika, a devout christian who goes through various trials and tribulations but he overcomes because of his firm belief and faith in God. We showcased the trailer at various functions during our early days, like our First Presentation at the 29th Day of the 100 Days of learning and our First TV Interview and GIBF 2017  (Read about these stories below),

Link:First Presentation at the 29th Day of the Hundred Days of Learning
First TV INTERVIEW Thumbnail
Link: First Television Interview

Untouchable is actually a big deal, it helped us gain our first set of followers and put us on the map. However, the problem was this was our first production, If you have read on Kudakwashe’s Journey, from the earlier posts on this website, you should know that he started working on Untouchable and other projects straight out of high school. 

So as of now, we have improved on many things in terms of quality, and so to release Untouchable’s 15 Episodes which are of a lower quality than what we can do now would not really fit with our goals. So Untouchable, is being upgraded and is still in production and you should see the new trailer before the year ends!

Untouchable the Super Christian
Untouchable the Super Christian Cover

Choice Zvenhamo

Choice Zvenhamo was the very first character and series ever produced by Kudakwashe and Kakic Universe back in 2014, and you can check out a glimpse of the first video on the Official Launch Post. The Choice Zvenhamo series is also the home of the popular Dance Hall Musician, JAH KAYLITE, and his song, “Mari Kunevanogeza”, and if you somehow missed that video, watch it below:

Jah Kaylite has proven to be a fan favourite! We showcased his video at GIBF 2017 and the Official Launch and people love the Dancehall star,  as for social media, Facebook and Instagram users completely went crazy with the star, this video received a lot of engagement with the Zimbabwean Population.

So the series will be coming officially soon, stay tuned as more details will come in future!


Social Media Presence & Legal Framework

One of our primary objectives within our first 5 years  of business was focused on establishing our Brand and Business properly in terms of paperwork, finances and other legalities.  Kakic Universe is registered with the Registrar of Companies of Zimbabwe and all proper legal paper work is in place. Furthermore, we are registered with all the proper authorities that regulate Arts and Entertainment like the Arts Council of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Film and Development Platform. 

We wanted to first have our house in order before launching a full scale campaign on Social media and we have successfully done that! Investors and sponsors can now come in as the appropriate paperwork/framework has been set up creating more opportunities for us as an actual Business Entity. Setting all of this up  That being said, one of our main goals in our third year going forward is increasing our social media presence and building our fan base! So expect a more aggressive social media presence from us going forward!

While we are here, why don’t you check out our social media accounts below, do us a favour and follow us!

Credit where its due!

As we celebrate our second Anniversary we would like to thank the following members of our team whose input has enabled us to reach this milestone!

Samuel Makusha: Illustrator

Samuel Makusha

Our Illustrator, Sam’s sktetches and art are amazing! His sketches have kept our social media platforms active as we post his work while our other projects are still in production. His work has also helped out on the business side with some logo designs, 2d animation and more! We Appreciate you Sam!

Anopa Maisiri

Anopa Maisiri

Our Graphic Designer, He has created content that constitues of almost 70% of our work on the business side. From Flyer designs, logos and more, it can actually be said that Anopa single handedly carried our graphic design service for our client! We Appreciate you Anopa!

Liberty David

Liberty David

Our Logistics guy! Liberty has done a lot of running around for us and his input on the ground has been amazing! You’ve done a lot for us Liberty and we are grateful! We Appreciate you Liberty!

Michelle Maphosa and the Kakic Banner

Michelle Maphosa

You’ve believed in us and have been supporting Kakic from the start in Gweru in GIBF! Eversince she has been with us and has been supporting us in any way that she can and we love her like that! We Appreciate you Michelle!

Anson Mashingaidze

Anson Mashingaidze

The Choreographer himself! Anson’s dance moves have set the stage on fire everytime we have done a public showcase with him! The man is brilliant and we love working with him! We Appreciate you Anson

We would also like to appreciate the following for also Supporting us in our journey; Lisa Maxwell & Norman Mhande.


We welcome our new members, Takudzwa Vuma, Munashe Goromonzi and Fungayi Chiwawa

We would also like to appreciate and thank all of the Creatives and people we have worked with so far, we appreciate your input on our journey!

Most importantly our loyal fans! We love your support and we cherish it very much!

The Future!

As we step into our Third year and going forward, both our Entertainment and Business sides are going to be operating at maximum capacity to produce the best results! We will be releasing some of the content that we showcased at our Official launch and also some new projects are in the production pipeline! We’ve recently partnered with amazing people such as MOFITNESS and RECODE so expect amazing things to come out of these partnerships! 

We appreciate the support we have recieved from our fans and loyal supporters and we love them and value them very very much! So stay tuned for more exciting content that is on its way!


We are Kakic Universe and as of this day, we are officially celebrating 2 years of excellence  and success!

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  1. Emmanuel E. Ziyera

    September 18, 2019 at 3:39 am

    amazing work Kakic Universe Team…we are always behind you and supporting and following you. Your quality of work is improving year after year and i respect that.????

    • Kakic Universe

      September 18, 2019 at 8:33 am

      Thank you Emmanuel! We Value your support very very much!

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