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Celebrating our 4th Anniversary

Celebrating our 4th Anniversary today! Its been an amazing year and we have a a lot of achievements we are proud to be celebrating. This is a brief report on how our 4th year was



Ladies and gentlemen take out your party hats! It is time for Celebration! We are excited to be celebrating and marking our 4th Anniversary! 

The Covid-19 Pandemic crippled, damaged and destroyed a lot of businesses but through it all we are still here and we are greatful, thankful and happy to have made it this year! As if the business surviving was not enough, we really had an amazing year and we are celebrating!

Our Achievements within the year

Let the celebrations begin! We have had an amazing year! We decided to be brave and also have faith! We tried a lot of new things, retired old habits and adopted new ones, took risks and we are celebrating because it all worked out in the end!

At the top of this list is the most recent and prestigious achievement! 


An interview with BBC NEWS! This is an achievement we celebrate with great prestige and honour! Even today many months later we are still ecstatic about it!

The interview focused on how we are using creativity to fight unemployment in the chaotic environment such as Zimbabwe’s. (If you would like to listen to the Interview, the link is at the bottom of this article!)


2) All the laughs Comedy Awards Nomination

We had the honour of working with Popular Zimbabwean Comedian, Long John the Comedian on a short animated show. That show was nominated for  best animated show in the All the laughs comedy awards hosted in the USA! 

Though we did not end up winning the overall award, the nomination is our first and is really a big deal for us! (You can read more on this at the bottom of the article as well)

3) Poetry Showdown!

We started 2021 with style! A poetry competition where the winner would walk away with a completely free 3D Animation Video for their poem.

Now this was uncharted territory for us! It was our very first ever competition of this sort and even more scarier, the final for the competition was broadcast live. (This is always scary to do, lol there is always the thought what if no one comes to watch?) 

But all those fears and doubts were put to rest! People came to watch in their numbers! The whole competition was fun and amazing! Congratulations once again to The Lioness Taffy for winning the first edition of the showdown.

We will be releasing her poem in November 2021. 

Evidently the Poetry showdown was successful so we are planning  a bigger and better one for January 2022!


(You can watch the video of the epic final at the bottom of this article)

4) Launching Webscope ZW

The video above best describes what Webscope does, but to summarise it, Webscope Zw is essentially  a team dedicated to offering clients with the following services:

Webscope Zw has its own team that specialises on the above services and the project has been received very well, getting a lot of business and traffic within months of being established!

5) Every business Project!

Kakic Universe has 3 subsidiaries, each responsible for a different section of our business:


We rely on the Business Side to fund and sustain the business. Every job we get from our clients means a lot to us as it helps put food on the table, fund growth and development!

We are grateful to the many people who trusted us with their projects and we view this as a serious achievement!


How are we celebrating?

A fact is, today, it is easy for us to convince clients to trust us with a job because of the work in our broad portfolio, but this is only possible because of the first few people who were willing to trust us with business when we had nothing to show for it.

It’s easy for people to trust us with their logo design when they see the many logos we designed. It is easy to trust us with Animation adverts when you see the many videos we have done. But all of this is possible now because of the clients who believed in us and trusted us when our portfolio was blank! The money we got from those first few projects we used it to re-invest in the business.

We bought courses to train the team to become better and more skilled, we upgraded our equipment and acquired useful resources.

We are grateful to those people who were willing to trust us when it was risky to do so.

And so Kakic Business will be offering a 60% Discount that is valid for this week only for the following services:



Because 4 is the number! You get to pay just 40% which is mainly for the production costs.

Terms and conditions

This Promotion is only valid from 5 September 2021 to 11 September 2021.

To redeem this promo, you need to meet either of the following conditions:

We really just want to thank and honour the people who were willing to trust us with their business when we had nothing to show for it!


What to expect in the future?

We’ve had an amazing 4th Year and we are excited about our 5th! We have more business solutions and services that are in the pipeline, being tailored to best serve you!


But here are the projects to expect within the coming months:

  • Mental Health Show

    We will be hosting a show that focuses on mental health. More details to be announced later in September

  • Lioness Taffy’s Animated Poem

    After winning the poetry showdown, The Lioness Taffy’s prize is a free 3d animated video for a poem of her choice. (Expected release date: November 2021)

  • Hey Hey Preacher | Zimbabwe Animation | Kakic Universe

    Hey Hey Preacher’s Glass

    An animated video based off the poem “Glass”, from the poetry album: Dreadlocks in my suitcase that was released by Hey Hey earlier in 2021. (Expected release date: December 2021)

  • Tales of the lockdown

    An interactive animated series where will animate your stories from the lockdown, more details to follow ( Expected Launch Date December 2021

  • Poetry Showdown Version 2

    The second edition to our poetry competition. (Expected launch date: January 2022)

  • Society of Stingy men the animated movie

    An animated movie about the Society of Stingymen (Expected release date: February 2021)

We are excited to start our 5th year with a bang!

Special Thanks!

All of this would have not been possible without the following people and we would like to thank them for their support:

All our business clients and entertainment audience

Our Partners: éa records, Geronimo Consultants, Mertapix media, Zimscape.


You for taking the time to read all this!

Shout out to the team

Lastly I would like to thank my amazing team for the outstanding work, dedication and effort they have been displaying through the year! Its an honour for me to work with such amazing people! I love and appreciate you guys! Thank you for being amazing.

The Kakic Universe Team that has been active this year!


Below are the links to the articles and pages referred to in the article: (Click on the images to open the articles:)

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Poetry Showdown

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Our 3rd Anniversary report:

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