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The new year is around the corner and we are ready for it! 2022 was an amazing year for us as our 2022 Showreel will prove, however, we wanted to shed some light on certain issues

1. Journey of the forsaken

Our Animated Series, Journey of the Forsaken premiered earlier this year and the first 3 episodes are available to watch for free on our Youtube Channel.

The show has a total of 8 Episodes, the remaining 5 are to be released on a pay per view platform called Gateway Stream and each episode will cost $2 to view.

However, we have moved up the release dates of the remaining episodes to January 2023 to give us enough time to prepare and launch a massive marketing campaign. We are also going to release the official trailer for the show. As of now (2022) You can watch the first 3 episodes on our Youtube Channel for free (link at the bottom of the page).

2. Poetry Showdown

In 2021, we launched the Poetry Showdown competition, with the intent of creating content with our community as well as bring exposure to upcoming and existing poets. The first installment of the show exceeded our expectations in terms of  participation and viewership from the community. It was more than a success, however, the second edition of our competition will come in 2023. One of the main reasons why the first installment was successful was that the whole world was under Covid 19 induced lockdowns.

This meant that despite the time of day or location we could have participation from anyone, anywhere. People could participate because they were at home, however, in 2022, most countries lifted their lockdowns and life had to adjust to the new normal. We have analyzed everything and have decided to have the competition in the first few weeks of January before most schools start their school calendars and before the work loads become hectic.

The 2nd edition will have a cash prize.


3. Future Productions

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With the release of Journey of the forsaken, more people are interested in more productions from us. We are grateful for the positive feedback and the interest in more productions. However we are going to be changing our approach to productions. In 2023 going forward, we are going to be focusing on producing short films and shorter content but with higher quality and better experience. The positive reception of Journey of the Forsaken was really encouraging and we are going to be focused on delivering more content.

See you next year!

We are really grateful for the support that you show us and we can’t wait to spend 2023 with you! Be on the lookout for the 2022 Showreel that will be coming anytime soon.

Have a great one!


Journey of the forsaken square poster

Watch Journey of the Forsaken

Get all the information for our show, Journey of the forsaken on this page. Watch the episodes, read news articles and more!

Poetry Showdown 1

The first installment of the Poetry Showdown, watch the final here.

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