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Official Registration! Kakic Universe no longer just an Idea, but an actual Company!



Officially Registered!

We are proud to announce that KAKIC UNIVERSE PRIVATE LIMITED, has officially been registered as a company!

After a fantastic streak of success, Kudakwashe Abel Maxwell and Mr. Archibald Marwizi, finally got together as official business partners and registered KAKIC UNIVERSE AS a Media Production Company.

We Would Also like to congratulate Mr Archibald Marwizi on being Appointed as Kakic’s First Chief Executive Officer and Mr Kudakwashe Maxwell as the Company’s first Chief Technical Officer.


Archibald Marwizi
Mr Archibald Marwzi- Chief Executive Officer
Kudakwashe Maxwell
Kudakwashe Maxwell- Chief Technical Officer

Here’s to a fantastic Start!

This milestone marks 5 September as our Official Birthday!



Kakic Universe Official Registration
Kakic Universe Official Registration

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