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Should you buy followers for social media marketing in Zimbabwe?

Social media is a big deal, but should you buy followers? What’s the point? Let’s look into it!



For a fee, certain websites allow you to purchase fake followers. Fake social media followers are accounts that have been created using fictitious email addresses and sold to real Instagrammers/businesses as a way to exaggerate a social media influencer’s or celebrity’s popularity and social reach.

I see having numbers on social media as a ticket to a vanity fair or something.
In as much as that can still be true to a certain extent, social media numbers are very essential to establishing your online presence as a business. Before you get any crazy ideas about buying followers to enhance your social presence, let’s discuss what it means to have a lot of followers anyway.

Why people want a lot of followers

It means that you have a better opportunity to interact and influence a larger crowd and widen your range of potential clientele.

An increase in the number of followers means a higher possible chance of engagement and if it continues to stay high then it can be a reflection of the impact your business is having on the online society.

As you grow your small business social media markets, it’s always exciting to watch the numbers go up. It’s like watching your baby move from one stage to the next. Anyway let’s get back to buying followers…
Just in case you thought you were making a lot of progress by buying followers, you aren’t!
Those aren’t people!! Well real people anyway. There really is no point in advertising to algorithms (bots) that really couldn’t care less whether you have a discount on the latest product you’re selling. When you post something on social media, your followers see it first, but if your followers are not real people, then is there a point? It becomes a waste of marketing resources for your address to be “seen” by 328 658 algorithms and only 6 real people


Should businesses buy followers?

Buying fake followers is a huge disadvantage to you and your business because it gives false hope and false publicity. This means that people who look at your page would assume you have a large following and think you are doing well as a business when an actual fact you are not. Although an account’s following is important, it is not the most important social media metric to measure growth of a business. Because we are dealing with human beings social media tabs into human psychology. You know that feeling that you get when you watch your followers gradually increase, yes the one that brings happiness and joy as well as butterflies to your stomach, that one!

This feeling is generally very good for company morale and encouragement it helps to motivate and push the people in the company to work harder and more specifically so that they gain more followers and have more impact. But one aspect that we have to consider is that the apps we use also benefit from this. MORE SCREEN TIME…
The more we open these apps to monitor our progress the more screen time these apps have which means that the more time we spend on the app the more money they as an organization will receive. So if your social media platforms have fake followers, the social media companies themselves will ban you when they find out! They need real people to be on their platforms, so using fake followers is manipulating the system.

Buying fake followers doesn’t do much good for your business

The trick really isn’t HOW MANY or WHO ?? Rather HOW MANY WHOs…
Let me explain….
How many – being the number of followers
Who- being the target market or actively engaged members i.e engagement rate.

To sum it up, followers are those that like what they see and may not necessarily be drawn to your company or what you are selling.
From followers, we then have Engagers, these are followers who are actively affected by what they see and what you are doing as a business and will do something about it.
It is ideal to choose a higher engagement rate than a following increase because the more engagers you advertise to the more your business grows because these are people who will purchase or support your business.

A like shows interest in that particular post, this may not be someone who is actually following you but someone who likes what they see currently.

Shares are for those who have someone in mind when it comes to your content. They may not necessarily have been moved or compelled to buy or support your business but they know someone who might.

Follows shows that I like what I see and would love to see more… I may or may not buy but I support what I can currently see.


All these matter to a business because we can use this to analyse what kind of content on our page has the most likes so that we deduce what kind of content to produce to actively engage the followers.

Your goal should be to have a high following and a high engagement rate.
Think of it this way, would you rather have 23 0000 followers and have only 3 people who buy, like or share?? Or would u have 100 followers and have 83 of them buy, share and like.

All the numbers matter and they work together to bring your social media presence to 100%.

Do you need help with social media marketing?

This is where we come in… We can help you with content creation from our elite team of designers and social media managers who will directly impact your page and increase your following while gaining engagement as well…

Knowing how to target your market and change your posts or improve them in a way that relates more to the people you are advertising to is a big advantage.
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