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Disability Inclusion- Community Dialogues Comic Book for Nzeve Deaf Center

We worked with Nzeve deaf center on these beautiful and amazing comic book that teach on community inclusion for the disabled.



NZEVE is an organization of deaf and hearing people that promotes the rights of children and youth with disabilities to participate fully in society. NZEVE works to reduce discrimination by promoting sign language and deaf culture and building deaf community and provides holistic services for deaf children and youth and their families.

The comic books

Not everyone is educated thus not everyone can read but everyone understands human emotion and expression. We worked on these comic books that make use of illustrations and specific emphasised poses to tell stories on different scenarios all centered around the topic of Community Inclusion.

What we learnt from working with them

Its important to include the disabled during the production process.

The disabled grow up with their own different view of life and media. So some concepts that will be clear and obvious to the rest of us may not make sense to everyone else.

So its important to have their input to see if the content you are developing makes sense to them and delivers the message you want the way it is intended.


The Nzeve people were amazing to work with and it was overall a great working experience.

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